Advertel On-hold Message Systems

With the use of professional voices and completely orchestrated messages your member’s on hold time begins working for you. Advertel Studio combines over 80 years of voice and audio experience with state of the art sound equipment to bring you the highest quality voice over service. Plus, they offer you multiple message formats such as tapes, CD’s, or the patented Advertelink message system.

The Features:

  • Professionally produced messages
  • Flexible message formats
  • Dalli & Marino
  • Instant updates

The Benefits:

  • Adds credibility and value to your business
  • Effectively markets to your target audience
  • Allows you to inform your target audience of new products, services, or promotions


Prepare and Protect Your Credit Union
Buckley Technology Group can help you protect your information assets, secure your technology systems, and fulfill NCUA compliance requirements. Here’s a brief outline of their services.

Business Continuity

  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Business Contingency
  • Business Resumption

Information Security

  • Security Assessments
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Security Policies and Procedures

IT Project Management

  • Mergers and Moves
  • Conversion Implementation
  • New Technology Implementation


  • NCUA Website Compliance
  • eCommerce Security
  • eCommerce Policies and Procedures

AnyHour Loans By Phone and OnLine
Eagle’s Nest Marketing Solutions provides AnyHour Loan by phone and the AnyHour Loan OnLine application and information services. Here’s brief outline of what these convenient live-operator and interactive chat services offer.

AnyHour Loan By Phone Service

  • 24-Hour Live-Operator
  • Instant Loan Approval
  • All Loan Types
  • Risk-based/Relationship Pricing Support
  • Applications Forwarded Within 10 Minutes
  • Cross-Sell To Refinance Loans from Banks

AnyHour Loan OnLine Service

  • Fully Secured Internet Access
  • Co-Branded Website Fully Supports Your Loan Policy
  • 24- Internet Live-Operator Chat
  • All Loan Types
  • Instant Loan Approval
  • Cross-Sell To Refinance Loans from Banks
  • Risk-Based/Relationship Pricing Support

Your Cost-Efficient Loan Contact Center
AnyHour Loan is the lowest cost, live operator and online service in the industry.

  • Small One-time Licensing Fee
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Minimum Quantity
  • No Monthly Service Charges

Innovative Data Analysis and
Research-Based Solutions

Raddon Financial Group provides credit union decision-makers with objective data and analysis generated by their innovative research techniques and database resources. Here’s a brief outline of their services.

CEO Strategies Group

  • In-depth Credit Union Financial Analysis
  • Measures Overall Credit Union Performance
  • Defines Member Participation and Product Sales Opportunities

MCIF Software

  • iNTEGRATOR helps credit unions manage, market and sell smarter through advanced MCIF functionality
  • iLIST Organizes List Data to Efficiently Target Market the Right Product or Service
  • iMATRIX Enables Targeting Prospects for Profitable Cross Sales through Serialized Direct Mail Campaigns

CEO Member Survey

  • Accurately Defines Member Demographics, Opinions, and Product Use
  • Integrates Peer Comparisons
  • Defines Service Quality Advantages and Opportunities
  • Provides Objective Sales, Service Quality, and Overall Performance Analysis


  • Survey Online Members
  • Defines Products, Services, and Information Members Want from your Web site

CEO Credit Card Analysis

  • Analyzes the relationship value of your credit card portfolio
  • Segments card users for targeting

CEO Investment and Insurance Program

  • Analyzes the relationship value of investment and insurance sales
  • Shows sales gaps by consumer segment



Activity Analysis

  • Provides an activity-based profit model
  • Segments members by deliver channel usage



The goal of Geodezix is to provide superior customer service. For a consulting company, there is no more important objective. Work is completed on time, on (or under) budget, and is done right the first time. If a project needs to be expedited…the project is expedited…and the client can be assured of the same quality work. We meet the demands that are required and we have the experience how to get positive law firm reviews to do it.

Clients such as Wilderness Log Homes, the Milwaukee Teachers Association, and Scientific Services Co., Inc. represent the diversity of organizations served by Geodezix with applications from geocoding to market analysis to advertising effectiveness.

Of course, the reputation of the company is only as good as the professionals that do the work. The principal of Geodezix, Joseph R. Francica, is one of the few individuals who recognized many years ago that geographic market analysis and the application of geographic information systems (GIS) would be a technology that could speed the productivity of businesses and save money.

Mr. Francica is also the editor and general manager of Directions Magazine, an online publication focusing on spatial information technology resources. He also served as Editor of Business Geographics Magazine, from 2000-2001 where he published the first comprehensive guide to wireless location-based services (LBS). He has approximately sixty published articles to his credit on topics ranging from market research, retail trade area analysis, and the use of geographic information system (GIS) technology for business applications. In 1991, he originated the column “GIS in Business” for GIS World (now GEOWorld Magazine) and is a member of Business Geographic’s Conference Steering Committee.

He has given seminars on eCommerce and the integration of GIS with more widely used information technology tools such as relational databases, enterprise resource planning (ERP), thin client technology, and customer relationship.

Mr. Francica has twenty-four years total experience in information technology, specifically in systems that provide solutions for target marketing; market research, sales analysis; Geographic Information Systems; computer mapping; relational databases; data mining and CRM; computer/desktop mapping, and image processing. He has served in management roles at a Fortune 500 company for marketing, brand and campaign management; product marketing and strategic planning, advertising (both print and web-based), media buying, trade show management, and public relations.

Mr. Francica received his Bachelors Degree from Rutgers University (New Brunswick, New Jersey) in Geology in 1978, followed by a Master’s Degree in Earth Science from Dartmouth College (Hanover, New Hampshire) in 1980, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Edwin L. Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University (Dallas, Texas) in 1989. He began his career in the field of image processing and remote sensing for the U.S. Geological Survey’s EROS Data Center in Sioux Falls, SD and later worked in oil exploration for Sun Exploration and Production company in Dallas, TX before becoming engaged in GIS software development and marketing for TYDAC and Intergraph in the early 1990’s.

His community activities include serving as race director for Huntsville Hospital’s (Huntsville, Alabama) “Autumn Chase” fun run that each year serves to promote fitness to over 2,000 elementary school participants in Huntsville and Madison County. He is also ranked as the top male masters runner in Huntsville, maintaining that ranking from 1997 through 2001, and is the current holder of four state age records (Alabama). In 1998, he received the award as the Outstanding Male Runner from the Huntsville Track Club. Mr. Francica is has also served as the Cubmaster, Committee Chairman, and an Assistant Den Leader for Cub Scout Pack 316 in Huntsville, Alabama since 1996, and has been an adult instructor for Junior Achievement’s Project Business. Contact us for help in assisting with the new Google Local Service Ads for Lawyers.

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